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Our new flavors are officially in the shop. I thought you might like to meet them one by one. Say hello to our new Vanilla Mint Ticket Sticks. I’m kind of gaga over this flavor.
We start with a perfect warm creamy Belgian milk chocolate and add a hint of bright mint and bits of warm Bourbon vanilla beans. Like all our chocolates, our Vanilla Mint Ticket Sticks are handmade, and while the chocolate is still warm, a mint napolitain is tucked into the chocolate block. Ya. It’s kind of awesome. The milk chocolate for these sticks are 37% cacao.
Our Salted Caramel chocolate has a perfect caramely flavor that is just enough to shine but still give center stage to the incredible Belgian milk chocolate that carries the stick. We’ve topped it with course grain Celtic sea salt. It makes the most incredible pairing. I love to lick the stick right before it’s completely melted and get that crunchy salt against the smooth melting chocolate.
Our Salted Caramel is 40% cacao, at the dark edge of the milk chocolate range, and you can pick it up at 20% off this week and next at our Preorder sale. I’d love for you to give it a try.
Milk chocolate fans, rejoice. Meet our Belgian Milk Ticket Stick. The cup of milk hot chocolate it creates is impossibly creamy and has this great whisper of toffee that finishes the experience. Pretty intense.
And finally, something a little special. We cooked up a little plan this summer. We decided that each year for the next three years, we’ll be introducing a limited-source chocolate from a South American country. We’re calling the line Tres Tazas. And after receiving feedback from our testers, we’ve decided this year to bring Tres Tazas of…
So why Venezuelan chocolate? Venezuela cultivates the world’s finest and most revered cacao. It’s a type of cacao bean called criollo. It represents only 1% of cacao grown around the world. And it is good stuff. In fact, just down the hill from my Venezuelan home, at Lake Maracaibo, is the spot some believe to be the cradle of the world’s first cacao, and the spot where this fine cacao is grown to this day. Fine cacao has hundreds of flavor compounds that emerge naturally as you taste. Our Venezuelan chocolate is a well-rounded bittersweet chocolate, it has a moderate to low bitterness and features flavor notes of classic cocoa, warm spices, raisins, and  lightly green bananas. Mmm. And make sure you stop by the shop to see what other combos we’ve put together for you.
[photo credits: Debbie Rackham of Spicerack. styled by: Amberlee Fawson]
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