introducing tres tazas bolivia

Last year, we introduced our Tres Tazas line of single-origin hot chocolate.

The Venezuelan hot chocolate we added to our shop was something kind of spectacular. It is 66% cacao bittersweet chocolate made from the authentic criollo bean (only 1% of the chocolate the world over comes from criollo cacao). And besides loving this chocolate, we consider it to be kind of legendary. The chocolate is harvested at the foothills of the Andes mountains, near lake Maracaibo, possibly the cradle of cacao for the entire world. (That spot in the world is also kind of near and dear to me.)

This year, we’re unveiling another chocolate that we are pretty sure is going to blow your minds.

Say hello to our Tres Tazas Bolivia.

This chocolate takes quite the unreal journey before it makes it into your cup.

The cacao for this chocolate comes from uncultivated cacao trees. Wild, uncultivated cacao. Something practically unheard of in the chocolate world.

If you are a fan of bittersweet, or ever have been, or ever consider possibly becoming one, you have to experience this chocolate.

The cacao grows wild along the lowlands of Bolivia. It has been growing wild for centuries and has begun only recently to be available outside the country.

The cacao is harvested by native Bolivians who live in the Amazonian lowlands, and who harvest it from cacao trees that are uncut and unfertilized along the river. They then deliver it, via hollowed-out canoe and horseback, to collection stations, where it is sun dried.

This chocolate has to be tasted to be believed. At 68% cacao it has an absolute absence of bitterness. As you sip your all-over-your-mouth-hot chocolate, you will pick up flavor notes of citrus, plum and vanilla.

We cannot wait for you to get a cupful of this cacao, fellow chocolate fans.

(credit: Beni, Bolivia rainforest pic via here.)

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