new holiday hot chocolate flavors

We have a little something new and festive in the shop today. Say hello to our two new holiday hot chocolates.

I’m more than a little excited for our Spiced Gingerbread Hot Chocolate.

The couverture we use for our new Spiced Gingerbread is a personal favorite. At 64% cacao, it walks the line between dark and bittersweet. It is dangerous, oh so dangerous.

We blend this deep dark couverture chocolate with ginger, cinnamon, and seasonal spices, and top it with a stick of crystallized ginger. I think it makes for the perfect mulled mug of winter hot chocolate.

But wait. We have one more hot chocolate all dressed up and ready to greet your holiday guests.

Say hello to our Classic Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

Our Classic Peppermint hot chocolate, besides being kinda cute, is super creamy milk chocolate

with a stick of old-fashioned peppermint. It is quite the creamy peppermint hot chocolate experience.

Pick up one for yourself, gift it in a 3-pack with a letterpressed coaster and satin bow, or serve it at your next holiday bash.

Both flavors are on sale in the shop today.

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