Corporate gifting made easy

November here at Ticket Chocolate is the beginning of our corporate gifting season, as small and large businesses look to thank clients, contractors, associates and others for their support throughout the year. Whether you need a few or many hundreds of gifts, our Ticket team can help you make this year memorable for those you want to thank.

Holiday gift box, corporate gift baskets

We feature a variety of gifting options featuring our artisan chocolate treats, from small gift packs of our award-winning Hot Chocolate on a Stick to Holiday Sipping Kits. If you are looking for some custom baskets, we proudly feature our own couverture Belgian chocolate products along with locally sourced Placer County mandarin oranges. Whatever your needs and your budget, we are happy to work with you to create a unique and delectable treat for your company!

Corporate Gift Basket with Ticket and Kikas Treats

Make your corporate gifting seamless. Give us a call at 916.626.1871 or send us an email to get started!


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