Celebrate your love this year with 14 days of LOVE

In today’s crazy world, Valentines Day is looked at one of two ways — a longstanding cultural tradition to recognize your love for a spouse, parent or child that is cherished (glass half full), or a manufactured holiday less about love and more about conspicuous consumption — how much you are spending (glass half empty)! We at Ticket Chocolate believe that love is to be celebrated year round and inspire us each and every day.

However we are still practical, and realize that as a small business, because of our product line (artisan chocolate confections), we are engaged in the promotion of Valentines Day. Given that reality, our thinking is why not expand the cultural norm from 1 day of celebrating your sentiments to many days of LOVE in February? And why does this have to be a traditionally expensive holiday, with restaurants and florists doubling and tripling the price of their fares each February 14th?

This year, why don’t we try to provide lots of small, heartfelt ways to showcase our love? We propose you try for 14 days of LOVE in February — all small, affordable ways to show tokens of our affection spread out over two weeks.  It probably takes the same amount of planning but with better results for all — much greater personal enjoyment for both the giver and receiver. Think of the anticipation each day that your special love will have once they realize you are celebrating them for 14 days!

“Do small things with great love.”
14 Days of Valentines

  • Write short love notes telling him/her why you love them so much and deliver throughout the week
  • Make and serve them Breakfast in Bed on the weekend
  • Write a poem for them and frame it
  • Fill a candy jar with Valentine’s candy and notes for your loved one for each day in February
  • Create a list of chores or tasks that you can do for your spouse (and they may have been asking for!)
  • Schedule a massage or relaxation float to give them the gift of peace — a little more expensive but definitely worth it!
  • Order a take-out meal or make a special meal and watch a romantic movie
  • Buy the book they’ve been meaning to read and write them a personal dedication note on the inside cover
  • Tuck post-it notes in your loved one’s car, office, purse or briefcase throughout the weeks
  • Have your kids make your spouse or loved one special artwork and frame it for your spouse
  • Take the day off work and plan a day just for you and your loved one
  • Buy an orchid for your special someone — exotic flowers that last for months and remind them daily of your love
  • Order or renew a favorite magazine subscription that they will enjoy year-round
  • Get up early and make their favorite morning beverage for them and deliver in bed each day(okay, you can also go buy it and deliver!)
  • Take them for a mani/pedi — most people like to be pampered!
  • Go for a hike and hold their hand the whole way; plan a picnic
  • Treat them to their favorite artisanal Belgian chocolate treats from Ticket Chocolate. (shameless plug, but seriously, we have lots of delicious couverture chocolate treats to share with your beloved!)

Do you have some favorite things you do to celebrate and let your loved ones know they are cherished? Let us know and we’ll keep adding to the list! Let’s make this a LOVE revolution! :0)

And don’t forget your children, parents, grandparents or great friends — everyone loves to be reminded that they are loved and cherished!

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