Resolutions 2017 — We resolve to eat more (and better) chocolate!

Our 2017 New Year’s Resolution is to eat more and better chocolate!

Every January a majority of us strive to make resolutions of how we will improve ourselves ‘this’ year as opposed to the years prior. For a large percentage of people, getting into shape is their number one resolution, and you can tell not just by the statistics, but by the amount of people at the gym from January 1st through Valentine’s Day, when they lose that determination.

Yes, exercise and healthy living is important, and in our stressful lives a necessity, but so is chocolate — great chocolate! Countless authors have written about our love affair with chocolate. Who doesn’t love the great experience of tasting and savoring delicious chocolate? When we offer samples of our Classic Dark Salted chocolate bars at trade shows and festivals, we always see the same reaction — the intake of breath as they take their first bite, the unexpected hint of sea salt, and then smiles of pleasure as customers and clients let the couverture Belgian chocolate melt into their mouths. A taste experience that just for a moment, brightens their day! Well it turns out that our resolution to eat better chocolate every day also has some positive lifestyle benefits other than just delicious taste.

Luckily, now medical researchers are also lauding the health benefits of dark chocolate and cacao as well. Some of the benefits of chocolate with higher percentages of cacao content and thus lower sugar include:

  • Lowering cholesterol levels
  • Preventing cognitive decline
  • Reducing risk of cardiovascular problems

One of the reasons for these benefits is that researchers have found active phenolic compounds in and flavanols in cocoa, and now more research and studies are being done to review its antioxidant potential.

All the reason to eat delicious, dark chocolate every day! Eat chocolate and live healthy. Join us in our resolution!


Read more about some of the studies and benefits of dark chocolate at Medical News Today and Web MD.

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