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Ticket & Happy Road Farm present a local Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Store in Loomis, CA

Tantalize your senses with visions of anemones, hyacinth, and daffodil bouquets along with the tastes of artisan Belgian chocolate. Did it give you an indulgent moment of peace and serenity? Don’t just dream of it, make it a reality (even if you have to buy it for yourself!) at Ticket Chocolate’s ‘Shop Local’ Valentine’s event […]

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Even more reasons to eat good chocolate!

Even more reasons to eat good chocolate!

We’re finding out that there are even more benefits to eating chocolate than we thought when we posted our earlier blog post in January, ‘Resolutions 2017.’ We just read an article from the health blog ‘Health Ambition‘ that supports some of the research we found. We think you’ll enjoy reading it as well: ‘Is Chocolate Good for […]

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Ticket Chocolate wins second 6-Star Grand Master Award

For the second year in a row, Ticket Chocolate has been selected as one of the top chocolatiers in America by the prestigious International Chocolate Salon in San Francisco, earning a 6-Star Grand Master Award. Last year, in 2016, Ticket Chocolate won their first 6 – Star Grand Master Award. The annual awards are given […]

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ABC10's Mark S. Allen visits the Ticket Kitchen for Chocolate Lovers Month and National Hot Chocolate Day.

ABC10’s Mark S. Allen comes to visit the Ticket Kitchen

We had a fun (and early) morning visit by ABC10’s Mark S. Allen to promote National Hot Chocolate Day and National Chocolate Lovers Month in February. He brought two Charlie’s (Charleen and Charlie) to represent the character Charlie from Gene Wilder’s memorable film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. We had a lot of fun, […]

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Celebrate your love this year with 14 days of LOVE

In today’s crazy world, Valentines Day is looked at one of two ways — a longstanding cultural tradition to recognize your love for a spouse, parent or child that is cherished (glass half full), or a manufactured holiday less about love and more about conspicuous consumption — how much you are spending (glass half empty)! We at […]

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And the winner is . . . . Ticket Chocolate — 4.5 Stars Best Overall Hot Chocolate Experience!

We are very excited to announce that earlier this week, Ticket Chocolate was awarded top awards in several categories of The International Chocolate Salon’s Best Hot Cocoa and Drinking Chocolate competition. Whoohoo, we’re all doing a happy dance around here! The International Chocolate Salon (I.C.S.) was founded in 2007 by Taste TV and TCB Cafe […]

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Tyler drinking a delicious mug of Ticket hot chocolate.

Happy National Cocoa Day!

Every December 13th we celebrate the history of cocoa around the world with National Cocoa Day. Winter is the perfect time to celebrate our love for hot cocoa as there is nothing better than drinking a warm mug of hot chocolate to warm up your body and spirit! But what is the difference between Cocoa […]

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How do we come up with our couverture chocolate delights?

Experimenting with chocolate flavors

How do we come up with our couverture chocolate delights? Well, to be honest, we love chocolate and good food around here at the Ticket Kitchen. I mean who doesn’t like chocolate or good food? Sometimes we get requests for new products from companies we work with as they get customer requests. In general though, three to five months […]

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