Experimenting with chocolate flavors

How do we come up with our couverture chocolate delights? Well, to be honest, we love chocolate and good food around here at the Ticket Kitchen. I mean who doesn’t like chocolate or good food? Sometimes we get requests for new products from companies we work with as they get customer requests. In general though, three to five months […]

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Chocolate happiness at the Mountain Mandarin Festival

We had such a wonderful time meeting folks at the Mountain Mandarin Festival this past weekend in Auburn, California! Our Belgian chocolate dipped mandarin samples were a fan favorite, with many festival goers coming back to buy our Salted Classic milk chocolate and dark chocolate bars to make their own chocolate dipped mandarins at home […]

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Straight out of Kalani’s Kitchen – Salted Caramel Cheesecake Recipe

You have to try this — A salted caramel cheesecake recipe featuring Ticket Chocolate’s honey graham cracker crumb crust! Here at Ticket Chocolate we make our own freshly-baked honey graham crackers to accompany our artisan Smore’s kits. To get just the perfect dimensions for our couverture chocolate squares and extra large hand-crafted marshmallows, our Ticket bakers have […]

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Corporate gifting made easy

November here at Ticket Chocolate is the beginning of our corporate gifting season, as small and large businesses look to thank clients, contractors, associates and others for their support throughout the year. Whether you need a few or many hundreds of gifts, our Ticket team can help you make this year memorable for those you want […]

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Welcome to our new Ticket Kitchen!

It’s been a while since we last posted, and a lot of big things have happened on the back end here at Ticket Chocolate. We just moved into a larger, renovated kitchen space in the Ticket building, and are super excited to expand our flavors and offerings for you! Our product development director, Kalani, is already […]

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Handmade Holiday Organizer

I’ve received a few requests for this year’s Handmade Holiday Organizer. It is a little something I used to put together each year on my blog, but I’ve been keeping my blog a little quiet since baby number four arrived. However, there is always time to organize! And I am a complete nerd for any […]

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new holiday hot chocolate flavors

We have a little something new and festive in the shop today. Say hello to our two new holiday hot chocolates. I’m more than a little excited for our Spiced Gingerbread Hot Chocolate. The couverture we use for our new Spiced Gingerbread is a personal favorite. At 64% cacao, it walks the line between dark and bittersweet. It is dangerous, oh so […]

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say hello to our new chocolate bars

Hello fellow chocolate fans. I have a little something I have been antsy to share with you for some time. I’d like to introduce you to Ticket Chocolate’s first-ever eating chocolate. We call them our Beloved Bars. Each chocolate bar is a tribute to a Beloved food. A dish that has meant something big in my life. […]

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