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Ticket Stubs is our product where we clear out unusable retail hot chocolate sticks. These sticks have slight dents in them, broken peppermint sticks, or other small flaws that don’t impact the taste and goodness of our hot chocolate sticks. You will receive a random sampling of flavors depending on what is available.

There are no returns or refunds of the Ticket Stubs product.


  1. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I purchase these for myself regularly and they really are the best! I always get a nice variety of flavors (there are no bad ones!) and a few of my favorites (the chocolate peppermint). They are a real treat on a chilly night and I don’t mind if they look a little rough around the edges. They taste just as good! : ) Customer service is always great and shipping is fast too.

    • pam

      Thank you Jennifer! We’re happy to hear that you love our Ticket Stubs!

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